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PHOTOMEETPOINT 2013 is the largest international festival of a non-commercial photography which will be held from 13th May to 6th December 2013 in Prague Congress Centre. It is loosely based on the event from 2009: “The Year of Czech and Slovak non-commercial photography”.

PHOTOMMETPOINT 2013 is an exhibition which links the works of non-commercial authors acting mostly in different web galleries, with experienced professionals from the Czech Republic and abroad. PHOTOMEETPOINT 2013 brings all of them together in the form of a classic exhibition with everything that belongs to it.

PHOTOMMETPOINT 2013 project opens up opportunities to all promising photographers, regardless their age and experience. Thanks to PHOTOMMETPOINT 2013 they can present their works to the general public and to confront them with the works of the knowledgeable artists in the field at the same time. The exhibition is suitable also for the photo clubs to join because it gives an opportunity to present the selection of the best works of their members.

The exhibition gives also a possibility to the exhibitors to sell their photos to the benefit of a chosen charity organization. Each of the four exhibition rounds is connected to a selected non-profit organization which gets 100% of the yield on the photo sale.

Great thanks go to Mr. Robert Vano who accepted our invitation to become a professional patron of the event.

This way we would also like to thank to the Prague Congress Centre for providing us the representative area in the foyer of the Congress Centre. Quantity of congresses, cultural and social events which take place there is a guarantee of high attendance of visitors at the exhibition.

If you want to attend the exhibition as an author, please, visit the tab For authors.

If you have any additional questions, please, contact us to 

We look forward to meet with both visitors and exhibitors in the Prague Congress Centre foyer in any of the exhibitions rounds from 13th May to 6th December 2013.

Voluntary admission!




Václav Adam
Lucia Heverová
Květoslav Vršovský


Picture samples from the “Year of the Czech and Slovak Non-commercial Photography” in 2009.

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